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3 Apps to Make Free Bitcoins



Here are a few ways to get “free” Bitcoins:

DISCLAIMER: You won’t get “rich” with Bitcoins just by clicking on a bunch of links, downloading a bunch of apps and that’s it. If you really want to make serious money with Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, you’ll have to invest some time and energy.

1. Pop Bubbles

This game for Android phones is called Bitcoin Popper. It’s a bit like playing with a lot machine and it’s achievable to get good prizes.


You can upgrade your game to get more time. This means that it has less ads than some other apps.


You must get matching stars to win a game. After three stars, you get an extra bonus for each new star. The game is definitely not an easy one. After a couple of times playing, the game will make you wait a few minutes before being able to play again.


2. The Blockchain Game

You can check the Blockchain Game. To use the app properly, you’ll have to sign up and make sure you’ve got your Bitcoin address ready!

blockchain game

You’ll get paid weekly, and since it’s a “free” app, it has quite a lot of ads. The concept is interesting since they make money off ads, and you make money off the app. Everyone is making money, in the end.

free bitcoins

The game is quite addictive and you’ll have some fun playing it. You have to get to the top level to get the highest reward.

The game gets harder and harder. The blocks will move on its own, and even faster and faster! Every ten levels, you can stop and take your earnings, or continue. An insight of the gameplay:


free bitcoins app


3. Roll and Ball

In this game, you can get up to 40% of the advertising. The 10% is instantaneous, while the 40% is based on “future” profits. The concept of the actual game is quite simple: roll a ball to collect all the coins.


Each new level is harder, and there are harder obstacles at each level. But good enough, there’s no time limit!


A video will start playing after each level. What you earn is small, but enough for something you may do when you’re bored waiting for your train or whatever.




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