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Blockchain Based Lottery Club



Lottery players have now had the chance of enjoying their usual games but with the flavor of Blockchain technology which has been praised several times for its level of transparency and accountability.

Today, Bitcoinist spoke with the team behind the Lottery of the future, to know more about how the new interface works.

BitPay Club

Bitcoinist: What made you decide to launch a blockchain-based Bitcoin lottery?

BP: When blockchain broke onto the scene, it began improving each and every area it touched. We saw the potential of this technology and we believed in it. Moreover, people are excited about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We are a young team but we are not a start-up, we made some successful projects before and a few years ago we came up with the idea of creating the bitcoin-based lottery with the draws based on blockchain, so people could trust it. It took quite a while to start working on our idea and turn it into a reality, but here we are – Bitplay Club is ready to go public!

Bitcoinist: What is your team’s experience in the blockchain and online gaming space?

BP: Some of our team members have worked for online casinos in the past. Those casinos didn’t have provably fair algorithms, and nobody understands more than we do how important it is to show people transparent results and prove that they can trust your service because that was one of the most common questions from the casino customers.

Bitcoinist: What makes Bitplay Club different from other Bitcoin lotteries?

BP: Well, that’s a good question. You know, everybody has their own preferences when it comes to what appeals to them. Websites, services, and Bitcoin lotteries are no exception. Some people prefer one website design more than others, or find Service A easier to use than Service B. Some customers of ours prefer better Jackpot odds. Our jackpot is constantly growing and we are serious about leading a large part of the gambling market with new game releases, jackpot growth, and constant platform improvements.

Bitcoinist: What payment methods do you currently accept?

BP: We accept only Bitcoin payments at the moment, but we’re working on a currency exchange service that will be live soon. It will allow our customers to exchange different altcoins for BTC, which will be added to their Bitplay Club account balance. Everything is integrated so people don’t need to leave our website. Also, we will be adding Visa and Mastercard payments integration in about a month or so.

Bitcoinist: What is a 6-45 lottery?

BP: 6-45 lottery is a classic lottery where you need to pick 6 numbers out of 45 and wait for the results of the draw which is held once a day. We have improved on the 6-45 game, however, by adding a System Game feature where players can pick additional numbers and the system will generate all possible 6-number combinations from all the numbers that you’ve chosen. Also, users can choose to participate in a specified number of consecutive draws with the same ticket. Jackpot odds for this game are 1:8145060. Let’s call it our flagman, it’s simple, it has a nice jackpot which will be growing and it has nice jackpot odds compared to Powerball, for example.


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SEC, CFTC Crypto Meeting in the US




The Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) meeting recently took place today, Feb. 6. The written testimonies of Jay Clayton and J. Christopher Giancarlo, the chairmen of the SEC and the CFTC respectively, have now been released publicly.


SEC chairman Jay Clayton talked about the importance of distinguishing between ICOs as securities and non-securities.

Clayton said:

“Investors should understand that to date no ICOs have been registered with the SEC, and the SEC also has not approved for listing and trading any exchange-traded products (such as ETFs) holding cryptocurrencies or other assets related to cryptocurrencies. If any person today says otherwise, investors should be especially wary.”

A co-authored article in the Wall Street Journal showed both officials’ perspectives on the issue of cryptos, appearing during the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos last month.

During the event many politicians had a voice to talk about the importance of cryptocurrency regulations.

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Bank Bans Credit Card Crypto Purchases




The Lloyds Banking Group in Britain is one of the giants in the whole world and the largest in the UK, and it has recently become the first major credit card provider in the country to ban its customers from using credit cards to purchase digital currencies.

Credit Card Ban: Cryptocurrencies

The ban comes after the case of J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup’s similar choice yesterday to ban credit cards purchases of cryptocurrencies for all their customers.

Lloyds, has in itself Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and MBNA, and it will block its 9 million credit card users from buying cryptocurrencies.

However, Lloyd’s customers will still be free to buy cryptos with debit cards.

The credit card crypto ban came into place after Bitcoin saw a huge price drop in the market this week, falling below $8000 for several days which is not very good for the mainstream crowd.

Lloyds stated that the ban will “protect customers” that could store big amounts of credit debt if the market price keeps going crazy, which it may, if cryptos stay true to their rule of volatility

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Airline in Japan to Support BTC




Japanese airline, Peach Aviation has announced that it plans to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method.

Airline BTC Payment

The idea had been delayed, however it has been confirmed that they will in fact go through with it.

Japanese broadcasting corporation NHK World had previously posted an article about Peach Aviation doubting cryptocurrencies after the Coincheck hack for $534 mln. The article was removed not long after.

According to the airline, the rumors that Peach Aviation would not follow through with their BTC payment option after the NHK article, are false.

They said:

“There have been some reports today on our company retracting its plan to enable airline tickets to be purchased with Bitcoins; however, this is not something that was announced by our company and is not a fact. We are currently considering our start period in aiming to introduce such a service.”

Although it is still a new thing to include cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in airlines, Peach Aviation is not the first to accept them.

Back in July 2017, AirBaltic introduced to their customers the option to purchase flights with Bitcoin. On the Blockchain court, Singapore Airlines have just today, announced a Blockchain-based frequent flyer app which will be releasing in August this year.

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