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Interview With Vitalik Buterin



Vitalik Buterin, co founder of Ethereum is without a doubt one of the most interesting figures on the crypto community. At a very young age, Buterin got very interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The Korea JoongAng Daily and JoongAng Ilbo were able to reach him for an interview to get to know him a little better, here’s what he said.

Buterin Interview

Q. You said you first came across bitcoin at the age of 17 and were completely captivated by it. What about bitcoin stimulated your interest?

A. I initially heard about it first from my dad, then again on the internet. I was curious enough to take a deeper look and try earning some bitcoins and spending them to buy a T-shirt online. I immediately found the idea of an open financial system, and the idea that a community of a few thousand regular people with a few thousand regular computers could all by themselves create and maintain such a system from scratch, very attractive.

While you started out as an avid supporter of bitcoin, you decided to create a whole new blockchain system and protocol. What compelled you to make such a decision? 

Making an improvement on top of bitcoin requires getting the approval of the existing bitcoin development team, and I saw even in 2013 that many of them were very hostile to nonfinancial uses of the bitcoin blockchain, going so far as to make protocol changes to prevent such uses. So I decided to make an independent platform instead.

How did you learn programming and coding? 

I started learning how to program when I was 10, largely by programming games that I would then play myself. I would spend a week making a game, then another week or two playing it, then go to making another game.

You received the World Technology Award in the IT software category in 2014, beating out competitors like Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. What do you think is the reason behind you winning the award over people like Zuckerberg? 

Zuckerberg deserves praise for making such a large and influential platform, but I think he has already received a lot of recognition for his achievements. I think that right now, many people are trying to see the next phase in technological progress, and they see the blockchain space as being the source of one of the main tech innovations of this decade.

Many people are also seeing the dangers of very powerful organizations such as governments and large corporations having so much control over our lives with so little transparency, and they are interested in decentralization as an alternative way of organizing things in society.

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Brisbane Cryptocurrency Airport




The first Cryptocurrency airport is here, and it’s located in Brisbane. The airport works with international companies in order to make the entire terminal a place for digital currencies, this includes restaurants, coffee shops, and other Bitcoin, Ether and Dash friendly businesses.

Crypto Airport

Roel Hellemons, the General Manager of Strategic Planning and Development said:

“Many people around the world have made money investing in cryptocurrencies and a lot of these people travel internationally, so it makes sense to offer a digital currency experience within our terminals.”

The payment system will be provided by TravelbyBit, which will allow travelers to pay digitally.

The move shows that Australia’s growing attention toward cryptocurrencies and digital payment methods is real and it will be bringing more and more news about new applications despite the recent bans in China, which will satisfy many investors and crypto enthusiasts.

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Damodaran Talks: Ethereum Built on Sand




Speaking in an interview with CNBC, Aswath Damodaran, a professor at the New York said:

Ethereum not Clear

“When the evaluation time comes, some of these crypto investments are not going to hold up.

“Right now I don’t think anybody is valuing the cryptocurrencies, they are all pricing.”

He was asked about the value of Ethereum compared to Bitcoin.

Damodaran responded: “I’ll tell you what’s holding me back, I don’t see a business model yet from ethereum.

“They’re talking the talk but they’re not walking the walk yet.”

He added: “They’re talking about how they’re lubricants in the smart contracting business, but they’re not being lucid about the way they plan to make money in that business.

“So I can’t get ahead of them and create a business model for them, that’s not my job.

“Until they create a business model I’m going to be holding back, but I think that that’s going to be the next phase in the crypto investment market.

Ethereum Co-Founder

“You’re going to start seeing people pushing these crypto investments to come up with business models to show how they are going to make money.”

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Ethereum’s co-founder Joseph Lubin said:

“This is an incredibly exciting time, we’re about to enter into an explosive growth regime for the global economy.

“The nature of the way companies are delivering services on the internet currently, we have walled gardens, we have siloed systems.

“We have this new invention called the destruction of net neutrality which is I think going to be an interesting driver for decentralisation.”

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Crypto and Blockchain Thoughts




Ed Zimmerman from Forbes, recently interviewed two giants in the crypto-blockchain community, Wendy Xiao Schadeck and Ron Williams, to get some insight into their thoughts and point of view of the current situation regarding the market.

Their Thoughts

F: Which few projects do you find most interesting (and why)?

WX: I think projects applying cryptoeconomic models to real world business models are interesting (Steem, Brave, Props, Orchid, etc.) because they’ll provide the first proof points of utility value. I also think necessary infrastructure/middleware are interesting because they’ll enable the really crazy blockchain-only use cases we can’t imagine yet (0x, Livepeer, 1protocol, Filecoin, ZeppelinOS and Truebit). However, the most interesting to me still are bitcoin and Ethereum because the communities are the most evolved, and they’re the furthest progressed in experimenting in real time with decentralized governance at scale.

RW: Two favorite current cryptos for me are EOS and Ethereum (disclaimer I own both).

EOS may be the most successful coin launch to date with over $700M raised so far [Author Note: see above regarding the date on which Ron submitted his answers] and it is tracking to raise well over $2B before the ICO closes in the Summer of 2018.  It’s being developed by an experienced digital currency team as a competitor to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The team has taken lessons learned from these two biggest currencies and are building a next generation blockchain platform focused on high transaction throughout at massive scale (a key current weakness in both Bitcoin and Ethereum). The ICO funds will be used to support developers who leverage the EOS platform to build blockchain apps so a huge amount of money is going to support adoption. EOS is also designed to be environmentally friendly which could be an important advantage as older generation currencies continue to gobble up huge amounts of power (Bitcoin consumes more electricity than some countries). Late 2018 is when we will probably see big changes in how many popular coins are mined with a huge global downshift in hardware and power costs.

F: Who are a few of the most interesting people to read/follow/hear on blockchain and cryptocurrency?

WX: I follow a mix of skeptics, entrepreneurs, and investors: @jessewldn @arbedout   @petkanics @literature@prestonjbyrne  @NickSzabo4‏ @kevinakwok @MeherRoy@naval … and of course me (@wen_xs)! (shameless plug!)

Many of the same people also write pretty great Medium posts, and it’s always good to look at their claps as well.

Another good resource…is this slack group:

And … Evan Van Ness publishes a good weekly summary in the Ethereum world…

RW: While Reddit and Telegram are popular discussion outlets for hard core cryptocurrency fans, I find Twitter to be a great resource for staying up to date. Most important information will surface by following key players in the space. Here are three people I like to follow: Heidi Pease @heidi_pease Preethi Kasireddy @iam_preethi Elizabeth Stark @starkness.


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